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Teach Effective and Ethical Research Methods to Students

ResearchReady is a cloud-based instruction and assessment platform that teaches students the entire research process.

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Teach Effective and Ethical Research Methods to Students

ResearchReady’s online platform cultivates and assesses 21st Century information literacy skills.

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Created by our in-house librarians, our ready-made lessons and exercises teach important research skills that are aligned with Common Core standards. This frees up educators, librarians, and media specialists, enabling them to cultivate college and career readiness. Through assessment, educators can track student progress and mastery. needs.


Students develop the critical thinking and research skills they need to transition from high school to college and the professional world. They learn how to access and evaluate information and to use that information responsibly. Our online learning platform allows them to learn and practice these information literacy skills from anywhere.


ResearchReady’s content is aligned with national and state learning standards, including the Common Core. Administrator pages track data on student performance and quantifies educator effectiveness with research skills instruction.

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Inspired by Students

ResearchReady is brought to you by the team that created EasyBib, the most popular citation and information literacy platform. Used by over 40 million students in districts and colleges across the world, EasyBib has supported student research since 2001. After observing the behavior of our users, we saw a need for a tool that teaches students fundamental research skills.

About Us

Educators and librarians have an important responsibility to teach students to evaluate, understand, and synthesize information and research. ResearchReady helps you, the librarian and educator, teach research and critical thinking skills to your students with an enjoyable and easy-to-use platform. We value simplistic design and language, and aim to make teaching and learning intuitive.

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