Teach and assess 21st-century research and writing skills with EasyBib's Writing and Research Solutions.

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Teach, Assess and Apply important critical thinking, research and reading skills

ResearchReady teaches and assesses students' critical thinking and research skills through its standards-aligned content. EasyBib provides the tools to support students as they apply these skills through their research process.
Together these tools can prepare students for 21st-century critical thinking and research.

Interested in helping your students apply their
research and writing skills to their research projects?
Check out EasyBib School Edition for research management.
The perfect complement to ResearchReady.

Proven Performance

Students performed 30% better on ResearchReady post-assessment than on the pre-test.

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Powerful Curriculum

Receive research and digital literacy curriculum with ready-made lessons and exercises that help you teach important reading, writing and research skills for the 21st century, including:

  • Source evaluation
  • Ethical writing
  • Synthesizing information and ideas
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Essential Research Skills

Students develop the critical thinking and research skills they need to transition from high school to college and the professional world.

They learn how to access and evaluate information and to use that information responsibly.

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Actionable Statistics

Our assessment dashboard helps you clearly see the effectiveness of research instruction and helps you identify where students may need additional intervention. You can:

  • See individual student progress and performance
  • Track understanding of key concepts by class
  • Export assessment data for further analysis
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Aligned with Common Core Standards

ResearchReady's content is aligned with national and state learning standards, including the Common Core
English Language Arts Standards

...And Educators & Students love it!

"Please thank the developers of ResearchReady. You have a helpful product which can significantly help prepare my students to be college-ready."

"This information literacy courseware package provides a solid overview of the research process, featuring five self-paced courses mapped to the ACRL Information Literacy and Competency Standards."

"[After using ResearchReady] I feel like I'm ready to write a paper without any trouble from citing or the research itself."

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