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What is ResearchReady?

ResearchReady is an online platform that teaches students how to navigate all parts of the research process, from defining a topic and accessing library resources, to citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.

What does ResearchReady cover?

Our platform covers the entire research process from developing a research topic and finding and evaluating sources to organizing your notes and avoiding plagiarism.

How do I get access to ResearchReady?

You can use the form on this page to contact us and we will set you up with a trial and a coupon code to access the site.

How much does ResearchReady cost?

Our pricing is based on class and school size. You can use this form to contact us for a custom quote.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for ResearchReady, got to and use the coupon code given to you by your account representative.

How do I login?

Once you have created an account, you can go to to log in.

What age group is this for?

We have three different levels of our research curriculum. Our beginner level is intended for middle school and early high school students. Our intermediate level is intended for high school and early college students. Our advanced level is intended for college students.

How can I incorporate ResearchReady into my classroom?

ResearchReady is a flexible tool that students can go through on their own time -- modeling the flipped or blended classroom -- so that librarians and educators can nurture these research skills during class time. Students and educators can also go through ResearchReady together during class time, using the platform to explain parts of the research process.

Who created ResearchReady’s content and assessments?

In-house librarians Emily Gover and Caity Selleck created the content for ResearchReady. Using their previous work experience, their research skills, and feedback from librarians and educators across the country, they created outline, the content, and the storyline to teach student research skills while keeping them engaged.

What do students need to create accounts?

Students will need an email address, a password and the coupon code provided by the administrator. They can go to to create an account. They can also login through third-party accounts, including Facebook, Google, OpenID, and Yahoo! For students who do not want to give away personal identification information, they can register using fake email addresses.

How do students save their progress and their answers?

The data is saved automatically as they go through the platform.

As an administrator, how do I access ResearchReady once I’ve signed up for an account for my school?

Use the coupon code given to you by your account manager and go to to create an account. From there you will be able to create groups and customize and add content.

How do I get my students started?

You can copy and paste your students’ email addresses into the Manage Users section in ResearchReady. This will send them an email with registration instructions. Alternatively, you can send them the registration link that includes your coupon code.

How do I delete student accounts?

You can remove users from your group by going to the Administrator control panel, Groups, and then click the Manage button.

Do you have offer any training?

We have dedicated account representatives that can answer any of your questions and show you how to use our platform.

I already subscribe to EasyBib. What does that mean?

There is no integration between ResearchReady and EasyBib. If your institution is an EasyBib School or Library Edition subscriber, you are entitled to a discount. Please contact your sales representative for pricing. If you have an existing EasyBib account, you will need to use the login link with the coupon code, instead of the registration link.

Does ResearchReady work on a tablet or mobile phone?

Yes! ResearchReady’s interface will work in the browser of any tablet device or mobile phone.

Why did you create ResearchReady?

After observing the behavior of our EasyBib users, we saw a need for a tool that teaches students fundamental research skills.